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Patricia A. Hatchett

Director, Admissions, Retention, and Student Success

   Year Hired 2004

patricia.hatchett digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2153



Education and Credentials

B.S.-Wake Forest University


William H. Hatchett

Instructor, Business Administration

   Year Hired 2001

william.hatchett digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2225



Education and Credentials

B.S.-The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.B.A.-Elon College
M.Acc-Gardner-Webb University
Graduate Certificate Applied Economics-East Carolina University


Barbara J. Hawn

Instructor, Phlebotomy

   Year Hired 2006

barbara.hawn digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2126



Education and Credentials

Diploma-Durham Technical Community College
LPN-State of North Carolina


Iris C. Hester

Instructor, Cosmetology

   Year Hired 2010

iris.hester digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-8066



Education and Credentials

Diploma-Dickerson Beauty Academy
A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College


Katharine H. Hester

Instructor, Biology

   Year Hired 2010

katie.hester digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2240



Education and Credentials

B.S.-The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.S.-North Carolina Central University


Erin G. Hill

Director/Instructor, Cultural Arts Program

   Year Hired 2012

erin.hill digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 597-1709

  Kirby Cultural Arts Complex


Education and Credentials

B.A.-Carson-Newman College 
M.F.A.-Florida State University 
M.A.-The University of Westminster 


Paula L. Hindman

Instructor/Coordinator, Digital Effects and Animation Technology

paula.hindman digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-8069



Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Indian Hills Community College
B.S.-Middle Tennessee State University
Alias Instructor Certification: Learning Maya Introduction-Alias Systems Corp
Adobe Certified Associate: Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS6


Allen K. Hines

Instructor, Workforce Development - Correction Education

   Year Hired 2003

allen.hines digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 599-0684

  Workforce Training Center


Education and Credentials

B.S.-Virginia Union University


Danny L. Hines

Instructor, Electrical/Electronics - Correction Education

   Year Hired 2004

danny.hines digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 599-0148

  Roxboro Satellite Training Center


Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Durham Technical Community College


Pamelia C. Hobbs

Director, Personnel/Payroll

   Year Hired 1984

pam.hobbs digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2120



Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College
Notary Public, State of North Carolina


Marvin C. Holder Jr.

Instructor, Horticulture - Correction Education

   Year Hired 2013

marvin.holder digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-4531

  Caswell Correctional Center


Education and Credentials

Ground Pesticide Applicator License/Certificate-NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services


Tammy S. Holt

Receptionist/Switchboard Operator

   Year Hired 2009

tammy.holt digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 599-1181



Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College


Darrell G. Hopper

Instructor, Welding - Correction Education

   Year Hired 1997

darrell.hopper digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-4531

  Caswell Correctional Center


Education and Credentials

Diploma-Piedmont Community College
Certificate-Guilford Technical Community College
Certified Master Trainer, The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
Certified Welding Inspector, American Welding Society (AWS)
Certified Welding Educator, American Welding Society (AWS)


Adam W. Irby

Director, Campus Safety and Title IX Coordinator

   Year Hired 2015

adam.irby digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2253



Education and Credentials

B.L.E.T.-Durham Technical Community College
A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College


Rodney Jackson

Dean, Caswell County Campus

   Year Hired 2018

rodney.jackson digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-8042



Education and Credentials

B.S. - East Carolina University
M.A. - East Carolina University


Katherine M. Jelen

Campus Librarian-Caswell County Campus

   Year Hired 2017

katherine.jelen digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-8050



Education and Credentials

B.A.-College of Charleston 
M.A.-University of South Carolina 
M.S.L.S.-The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Rodney S. Johnson

Transfer Coach, Student Support Services

   Year Hired 2017

rodney.johnson digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2115



Education and Credentials

A.A.-Piedmont Community College 
B.A.-The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Rachel E. Johnson

Financial Aid Specialist

   Year Hired 2003

rachel.johnson digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2108



Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College


Lisa S. Jones

Instructor, Adult Basic Skills - Correction Education

   Year Hired 2006

lisa.jones digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-1583

  Dan River Prison Work Farm


Education and Credentials

B.S.-Virginia Polytechnic & Institute and State University


Adam N. Kania

Instructor, Digital Effects and Animation Technology

   Year Hired 2017

adam.kania digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-8071



Education and Credentials

B.F.A.-Savannah College of Art and Design

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