Placement Test Dates
PCC applicants to all programs are required to take the placement test, including a computer skills placement test. Students transferring from another institution who have completed college-level English and Math or Special Students who are not enrolling in a program requiring English or Math are exempt.

Caswell Placement Test Schedule

Person Placement Test Schedule

*** Students should arrive 10 – 15 minutes ahead of test time***

Person County Campus (E150B)
Please call the Person County Campus to set a date and time.

Caswell County Campus (124A)
 Please call the Caswell County Campus to set a date and time.

Other times by appointment (this is for both campuses) 

Applicants pay no fee to take the placement test. To reserve a seat, call (336)322-2110 in Person County and (336) 694-5707 in Caswell County.

Study Guide Material
Math Placement Study Guide
Reading Placement Study Questions
Writing Placement Study Questions