Career and College Promise
The Career and College Promise program offers High School students the opportunity to take PCC classes - TUITION FREE!

There are two options: College Transfer Pathway (CTP) and Career Technical Education Pathway (CTE), benefiting student interested in transferring to a 4-Year University or joining the workforce!

Do you want to find out if your child is eligible to be enrolled in PCC classes? The following, list what is required of all students in the Career and College Promise Program.

College Transfer Pathway (CTP) - 30 Credit Hours

• Be a high school Junior or Senior;
• Have a weighted GPA of 3.0 on high school courses; and
• Demonstrate college readiness in English, reading and mathematics on an assessment or placement test or meet provisional status. (For provisional requirements or any other questions please email the CCP representative (listed below).

A student can choose to take classes within EITHER the Associates in Arts Pathway or the Associates in Science Pathway. If a student receives a ‘C’ grade or higher in the classes within this pathway they will transfer to any of the 16 North Carolina Public Universities. If a student wants to transfer to a 4-Year University this may be a great choice!

Career Technical Education Pathways (CTE)

• Be a high school Junior or Senior and:
• Have a weighted GPA of 3.0 on high school courses or have the recommendation of the high school principal.
• Have received career pathway information outlining program requirements for completion of certificate or diploma.

A student may choose 1 or 2 CTE pathways! The Career Technical Education Pathways are towards a Certificate that can lead towards a Diploma and Associate in Applied Science. Courses within this Pathway can be towards entry-level job credentials as well! For example: if a student wants to go straight into the workforce and get hands-on experience one of the CTE pathways is a great choice!

Interested in Applying?

• Make an appointment with the CCP representative (see right side contact info) and fill out a paper application.
• An application only need to be filled out ONCE every academic year.
• A trial schedule can be filled out for any students continuing in the Program.


• Tuition Free!!!
• Enables students to reach their career goals faster by receiving course credit towards an Associate degree, and/or Certificate towards an entry level job.
• Career and Technical Educational Pathways provide hands-on experience for students (ex: Welding, Cosmetology)
• College Transfer Pathways provide college level courses that prepare students for their postsecondary education. Students may get up to 30+ transferable credit hours towards their Bachelors in Science and/or Bachelors of Arts.


• Students may choose TWO pathways total!! (1 College Transfer Pathway and 1 Career Technical Education Pathway or 2 Career Technical Education Pathways.
• Students may need to buy books depending on what Courses/Pathway they are enrolled in.
• Student are ONLY allowed to take courses within their chosen Pathway.
• A student may only change their Pathway ONE time and must have documentation (for more information please email your CCP representative).

Career and College Promise Contacts

Leia M. Gaskin-Sadiku Rollins

Coordinator, College High School Programs

leia.rollins digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2273



McKenzie Hedrick

Career Coach, College High School Programs

McKenzie.Hedrick digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 694-5707 or (336) 694-4212 (BYHS)

  at BYHS