Our Mission

Piedmont Community College transforms lives, strengthens community, and inspires individuals to excellence.

Our Vision

Piedmont Community College strives to be recognized nationally for achieving exceptional levels of success in student learning and completion, gainful employment, equity, and affordability. 

PCC Values:

Learning by committing to PCC’s core competencies — writing, reading, communication, math, and computer skills — and engaging instruction and training in a supportive environment that inspires each person to learn at the highest levels of achievement for personal and professional success. 

People by creating a caring, inclusive, and safe environment that inspires all people to achieve their goals, express their creativity, share their successes, and encourage others. 

Diversity by fostering understanding and appreciating the dimensions it adds to our quality of life. 

Access by reaching out to our communities and inviting and supporting all learners and partners to achieve their goals thereby improving the economic prosperity of our students, our community, and the surrounding regions. 

Integrity by respecting the ideals of freedom, civic responsibility, academic honesty, personal ethics, and courage to act. 

Continuous Improvement by ensuring that all employees engage in ongoing meaningful professional development that will produce ever evolving, data-driven policies,  procedures, and practices to ensure excellence in every area of the College.