Vehicle Safety Inspections

March 12th and 13th

The North Carolina Vehicle Safety Inspections course is required for certification or re-certification to inspect motor vehicles under the N.C. Motor Vehicles Safety Inspection Law. Students must have a valid N.C. driver’s license and work at an approved Vehicle Inspections Station or be in the process of establishing a station that meets NC DMV approval. 

Registration Fee: $70.00 

Certified Automotive Tire Service

Coming Soon!

Certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS) is a certification program that provides in-depth and comprehensive instruction on the recommended procedures for servicing modern automobiles and light trucks. 

Certified ATS is designed for the professional passenger and light truck tire technician, allowing the subjects to range from the relationship between torque and clamping force to the TPMS relearn procedures on domestic and import vehicles.

Training also includes an exclusive module on Tire Conditions Analysis that uses images from TIA’s Passenger and Light Truck Tire Conditions Manual to educate technicians on the most likely reasons for common irregular treadwear patterns.

Small Engine Repair

Jan 23 – May 14T 5 – 9 p.m Person Campus $181

Gain marketable skills for a variety of work sites, including repair shops, dealerships, hardware or other retail stores, equipment rental agencies, or any business with a maintenance department or start your own small engine mechanic business

This course prepares you for the Briggs and Stratton Basic Small Engine certification exam and allows for a smooth transition to acquire the Master Service Technician or other advanced Briggs and Stratton certifications.

Through PCC’s Small Engine Repair program, students will increase their value as an entry-level employee by demonstrating mastery of:
• Operational theory
• Governor systems
• Ignition systems
• Fuel systems and carburetors
• Charging systems
• Diagnostics
• Failure analysis
• Basic repair of small engine systems

For more information, contact or 336-322-2160.