RISE (Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence)

RISE (Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence)

Because Piedmont Community College has an “Open Door” for admission, students who seek admission to the College’s degree and diploma programs may find themselves under-prepared for college-level work. RISE courses provide assistance with academic skills that will enable students to enter their chosen curriculum with a good probability of success.


Based on a student’s high school GPA, he/she may be required to take one or more RISE courses prior to or along with an English or math course in a curriculum program. However, certain courses listed in the early semesters of the Suggested Course Sequence for a program may be taken concurrently with these RISE courses. These courses provide opportunities for improvement in the areas of reading, reasoning, English grammar and composition, and mathematics.


RISE course credits represent institutional credits only for the purpose of assessing fees and VA and financial aid benefits. Placement tests may be required in a limited number of situations.


To assure the students’ future academic success, PCC offers the following RISE courses:

ENG002                Transition English

ENG011                Writing and Inquiry Support (Co-requisite class with ENG111)

MAT003               Transition Math

MAT043               Quantitative Literacy Support (Co-requisite class with MAT143)

MAT052               Statistical Methods Support (Co-requisite class with MAT152)

MAT071               Precalculus Algebra Support (Co-requisite class with MAT171)