Truck Driver Training

CDL Class A

Truck Driver Training

                G r e a t   E m p l o y m e n t   O p p o r t u n i t i e s   &   S a l a r i e s !                     

This high demand, high paying career can be yours 
in as little as four weeks. Just think, for a little more
than $2,600 and four weeks of training, you can be
on your way to a new career. 

$2325 Registration Fee
$125 Drug Screening and Criminal Background Check
$172.75 Permit and Class A License

Classes are held Mondays - Fridays, 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. with required night hours as well. 


Upcoming classes are scheduled for:

Class- September 8 - October 2, 2020 Caswell Campus

Class - October 5 - October 30, 2020

Class - November 2 - December 2, 2020


To learn more or to register, contact the Occupational Extension Team at (336) 322-2482 or email