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What is the 8-Week Advantage?

The 8-Week Advantage is a schedule designed with your success in mind. The 8-Week Advantage will enable you to complete your programs of study faster.

Fall 2024 First 8-week Courses

Fall 2024 Second 8-week Courses

Course schedule legend:


  • DLON-Distance Learning Online;
  • PERCO-Person County Campus;
  • CASCO-Caswell County Campus


  • BL-Blended (<50% online);
  • HY-Hybrid (>50% online);
  • IN-Internet;
  • TR-Traditional face-to-face

(Classes are subject to change.)

What are the advantages of taking 8-week courses at PCC?

Shorter Time Frame

  • Get the same number of credits in 8-weeks instead of 16-weeks.
  • Some students may be able to complete more courses each semester than in a traditional 16-week course schedule, which will lead you faster to earning your degree!


  • Take two classes each session rather than 4-5 classes at the same time.
  • Focus on just two subjects at one time.


Studies show

  • Students are more successful when they can focus their attention on fewer subjects at one time.
  • Halfway through a 16-week course, students start to drop classes, get overwhelmed, or stop coming to class.

Schedule Flexibility

  • Stay on track to graduate sooner.
  • If you have more responsibilities like a job and family, focusing on two classes in each session will fit into your schedule better.
  • You don’t have to wait a full semester to get back on track. If you are late registering for the Spring 1 semester, you don’t have to wait until Summer or Fall. You still have Spring 2 to get started!

Need Assistance?

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