The CAA provides certain assurances to the transferring student; for example:
• Assures admission to one of the 16 UNC institutions (Transfer Assured Admissions Policy).

• Students with an Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree from PCC are guaranteed junior status.

Piedmont Community College also has articulation agreements with specific colleges & universities to ensure a seamless transfer experience.

PCC award the following degrees through University Transfer:

Associate in Arts (AA):

Interested in pursuing a four-year degree in one of the liberal arts disciplines or training at a professional schedule that requires a strong liberal arts background? Enroll in this program!

NEW! Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation:

Is your goal to become a teacher for grades 1-12 in the area of liberal arts (English, social studies, elective programs, etc.)? This program will get you started!

Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) – Visual Arts:

If a four-year degree in the visual arts is in your future, you should begin with this program and save!

Associate in General Education:

Design a plan of study around personal interests or job-related needs in this transfer program.

Associate in Science (AS):

For those interested in computer science, engineering, mathematics, the sciences or professional programs that require strong mathematics and science backgrounds.

NEW! Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation:

Does becoming an elementary, middle, or high school teacher in the area of computer science, engineering, mathematics, or science sound interesting? This is your program!

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Dr. David Townsend
Dean, University Transfer & General Education
336-322-2190 | A130
S. Drake Howell
Administrative Assistant, Dean, University Transfer & General Education
(336) 322-2206 | A129