Searchable Comprehensive Manual

The pdf copy of the PCC Policies and Procedures Manual allows the user to download all of the policies at one time and search to find specific content. It is updated quarterly. For the most current policies, use the online links below.

Download the Policy and Procedures Manual; last updated July 2, 2024.

Download the full Glossary of terms from policies; last updated July 2, 2024.

Section 1 – Organization
Section 2 – General Administration
Section 3 – Fiscal Management
Section 4 – Plant Management
Section 5 – Personnel
Section 6 – Programs & Instruction
Section 7 – Students
Section 8 – The College and the Public

The Piedmont Community College policy pages are continuously updated according to a schedule of periodic review or in response to circumstances requiring a specific policy revision. To view a flowchart illustrating the PCC Policy Review Process, follow this link.