Work-based learning offers invaluable benefits to PCC students, bridging the gap between classroom education and practical application. Through internships, apprenticeships, and cooperative education programs, students can acquire hands-on experience directly relevant to their chosen fields. This approach not only enhances understanding of theoretical concepts but also equips students with real-world skills, bolstering confidence and employability. By engaging in this dynamic learning model, community college students can:

  • Graduate with both a degree and job experience
  • Gain career-specific skills for your future job
  • Develop a professional network within the industry of your program of study
  • Potential to secure job offers and professional references post-graduation
  • Develop job search skills like resume building, interviewing techniques, and networking


Many curriculum-based programs now require a work-based learning component, WBL 111 and WBL 115, to graduate. Talk with your advisor, instructor, or program director to verify that you will need these courses to graduate. If you meet the guidelines, schedule a meeting with your advisor to fill out the application at least one semester before you are scheduled to graduate. The following application deadlines apply:

  • If graduating in the Spring Semester: apply by October 1
  • If graduating in the Summer Semester, apply by March 1
  • If graduating in the Fall Semester, apply by May 1


Required hours are based on course number and the semester length. This is a pass/fail course based on your completion of the necessary documentation and work hours.

Job Placement Requirement

Students are responsible for securing a job placement that relates to their program of study before the start of the course. If the student needs assistance, they must promptly make that request to their instructor or academic advisor.

WBL 111 – This course provides a work-based learning experience with a college-approved employer in an area related to the student’s program of study. Emphasis is placed on integrating classroom learning with related work experience. Upon completion, students should be able to evaluate career selection, demonstrate employability skills, and satisfactorily perform work-related competencies.

  • A total of 160 work hours per semester
  • Spring and Fall: 10 hours per week for 16 weeks
  • Summer: 20 hours per week for 8 weeks

WBL 115 – This seminar course assesses the students’ work-based learning achievements and challenges while participating in their WBL 111 job assignment. Students will share meaningful contributions within a discussion-based seminar and provide new insights into how they overcame challenges, ask questions to receive guidance and different perspectives from classmates and the instructor, as well as enrich their professionalism and employability skills.

  • A total of 16 hours per semester (one hour per week).
  • Students and advisors will meet once a week for an hour to discuss the WBL experience
  • WBL 115 is designed to connect work-based learning experiences to classroom knowledge

WBL 3100 – This course is available to students enrolled in continuing education courses rather than curriculum courses. This course is not a required course to graduate at this time, however, it is provided to continuing education students who wish to invest in a work-based learning experience related to their program of study.

  • A minimum of 20 hours per WBL course.
  • WBL experiences vary on work time requirements. Some placements may require up to 120 hours of work.


How do I register for the WBL course?

  • Register for the Work-based Learning course associated with the program of study through WebAdvisor. After registering, submit an application to the work-based learning coordinator for approval.

When should I take my WBL course?

  • Consult with your instructor and review your program’s course worksheet to review the suggested timeline.

Can my current job qualify as my WBL placement?

  • Your instructor can approve your job as a WBL placement if it matches the course’s criteria.

Will I get paid during my work-based learning placement?

  • Work-based learning placements do not guarantee a salary. Please consult with your instructor and work-based learning coordinator for more information.

What if I do not complete my hours during the semester?

  • If you do not complete your hours, you will receive an incomplete. You will have until the following semester to complete the hours before receiving a failing grade. 

Why do I have to register for two WBL courses?

  • WBL 111 is the course number for the internship. WBL 115 is a class that meets once a week to discuss the placement. Consult with your instructor and review your program’s course worksheet highlighting the courses that are required for your degree.

What hours and days will I work?

  • Your schedule will be determined during your first day with your employer.


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