Update Your Contact Information

In order to be able to identify where a particular employee is on campus you will need to enter your information. It is important that all employee’s take the time to fill out this form so that, in case of an emergency, our campus safety can locate employees quickly and efficiently.

This icon will appear in your system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen:

System Tray
Panic Button

You can also edit this information at any time by right clicking the Panic button icon in your system tray and selecting the ‘Settings’ option as follows:


The settings page will appear and you can update your information is 3 easy steps:

1. Select the Contact Information tab.

2. Enter your contact information

3. Select Save

Your contact information is now updated. Please remember to update your information whenever change your location.


Using the Panic Button

If you need assistance follow these simple steps.

Locate the panic button icon in your system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Right click on the panic button and a menu will appear.

Select Need Help! A confirmation menu will appear.

Select Yes and your request for assistance will be sent to Campus Safety.


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