Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise and Deep Freeze for Mac create a base image that can be used to restore the system.  Any changes to the computer during subsequent use will be removed upon reboot, reinstating the original system snapshot that Deep Freeze created.

For more details, see the Faronics website at:


The following areas have Deep Freeze installed:

  • All Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) computers
  • Learning Commons

Pleas note: This is for College-owned machines only.  Not available for personally owned machines of PCC students, faculty, and staff.

Saving Files

Upon a restart, Deep Freeze returns your computer to the state it was in when it was last “frozen.”  On most of our computers it mainly affects drive C: (which includes My Documents, Desktop, Downloads, etc…). The following locations are safe to save in on a computer running Deep Freeze:

  • Home directory (U: drive)
  • Departmental / Shared (T: drive)
  • OneDrive (Office 365)


For additional assistance please contact Information Technology at support@piedmontcc.edu


Information Technology

Regular Hours

Monday through Thursday
8am to 5pm
8am to 4pm

Maintenance Windows:
Th 12a – 1a
Su 3a – 10a