Now PCC students and employees can manage, store, and share up to 1 TB of their classroom documents all in one place, securely and easily, with Microsoft OneDrive. It’s a password protected hard drive in the cloud that you can use to store thousands and thousands of files. You can access these files whenever you are online, and you can give your students access to them too. This means everyone can access the material they need to get their assignments done; and turned in on time.

Make class documents accessible anytime, anywhere, and keep control

Think of OneDrive as a private online vault where you can put all of your important files, and control who sees what. You will be able to store, organize, and manage class assignments, homework submissions, group projects, and other files and photos, as well as your Internet favorites. You can share files with OneDrive too, just use the permissions settings to determine who can view, edit, or upload files. This means you can keep some files private for yourself, share some with other teachers or parents, and share a different set of files with your students for class assignments and group projects. Now, you can also use Windows Phone or iPhone apps to easily access your files and images on OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive can help you:

  • Access your files anytime (no more thumb drives!)
  • Increase storage, finally, more room for your photos and files
  • Organize classroom files for easier use
  • Control who has access to which files 
  • Share links to your folders, files, and photos

How to use OneDrive

Click the button below to learn how to use One.

Backup using OneDrive

You can back up your important folders (your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders) on your Windows PC with OneDrive PC folder backup, so they’re protected and available on other devices.


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