Please note: this process will erase all of your files/data that you have saved to the laptop. Please backup all files before using this process.

  • Make sure the Lenovo IdeaPad 1 laptop is plugged in powered off
  • Using a paperclip, insert it into the reset hole for approximately 3 seconds
  • A menu will appear, select System Recovery and press enter.
  • On the next menu select Troubleshoot then press enter.
  • Then select Reset this PC and press enter

Select Remove Everything and hit enter

  • Select Local Install then press enter
  • Select Fully Clean Drive then press enter
  • Select Reset and press enter

The reset process will begin.  This will take 30-60 minutes and when completed the computer will be as it was brand new. 

A Windows 11 menu will appear once the laptop is reset.

  • Select United States then select Yes
  • For the keyboard menu select US and then press Yes
  • Under the second keyboard menu press Skip
  • Select your wireless connection  and press Connect
  • Once connected to your wireless connection Press Next
  • Press Accept to accept the license agreement 
  • Select Setup for personal use then press Next
  • Select Offline Account  
  • Press Limited Experience
  • Enter your Name and press Next
  • Enter a Password and press Next
  • Confirm your Password and press Next
  • Enter your 3 security questions pressing Next after each one
  • Press Accept
  • Press Skip
  • Select Accept

Windows will now start its configuration process. This process can take a few minutes. 

Once you see this screen your computer is ready to use. 


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