Make Piedmont Community College your source for Law Enforcement Training. We offer a variety of training opportunities in the classroom as well as through practical application. Training for law enforcement personnel is provided at the request of law enforcement agencies. Our training programs emphasize legal and technological advancements in law enforcement.

Training is offered at no cost to law enforcement officers.

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49041Probation, Verbal De-escalationPCC Caswell P1099/289/28K. Darnell
49043Probation, OC Pepper Spray recertificationPCC Caswell P1099/289/28K. Darnell
49042Probation, Professional EthicsPCC Caswell P1099/289/28K. Darnell
49039DPS-Corrections, Control, Restraints, Defensive TechniquesPCC Caswell P1129/299/29J. Rowell
49040DPS-Corrections, Control, Restraints, Defensive TechniquesPCC Caswell P112/11610/610/6J. Rowell
49045Corrections-Self-Contained Breathing
PCC Caswell P112/116TBATBAD. Reed
49046Corrections-Self-Contained Breathing ApparatusPCC Caswell P112/116TBATBAD. Reed