What is the Summer Bridge Academy?

The Pacers’ Summer Bridge Academy will proactively serve to increase retention and academic success for first-year college students. The academy will introduce academic and personal success support systems. It will support first year students who have applied for admission at the college.

Why Sign Up?

“The Bridge” will put you on the fast track to success by bridging the gap between high school and your first year at PCC.

What to Expect

Join in on exciting activities that will help you become familar with the campus, resources, culture, Faculty, Staff, and yourself!

  • Campus-wide scavenger hunt
  • Meet with student-engagement and clubs
  • Engage in career exploration
  • Team-building exercises
  • Team competition activities
  • Free Lunch & T-Shirt


Make sure you start a step ahead. Get familiar with the campus, faculty and staff and make friends along the way!