Why does PCC need the additional building?

The majority of PCC’s buildings were constructed in the 1970s. Current spaces for these programs are insufficient for the number of students and type of equipment needed. The purchase of the Carolina Pride building will provide additional space and allow PCC to increase the capacity of these high-demand programs. The building’s high visibility on 501 South will make these programs accessible to a larger number of people.

Will County taxes be raised to support the purchase?

Person County Manager Katherine M. Cathey said during the February 5, 2024 Board of Commissioner’s meeting that, “our financial advisors have worked with us to determine that this debt can be included within the county’s debt model without an impact on tax rate” and that the county would not need to raise taxes for the purchase of the building.

What is the cost of the new building?

Dale Reynolds, the current owner of the Carolina Pride building, originally offered to allow the county to enter a long-term lease of the building. In December 2023, Reynolds offered to sell the building to the county for $7 million for the use of PCC programs.

What interest rate and payments over how many years does the county anticipate paying for their portion of the CHATT building?

The rate will not be finalized until the bonds are sold. For estimation purposes, the county currently uses 5% for a 20-year term. When the county recently issued limited obligation bonds for the schools, they secured a rate of 4.70%. There is NO TAX INCREASE implication for the purchase of this property for PCC.

What funds will be used to purchase the building?

PCC received a $5 million appropriation in the 2023 state budget to be used toward an advanced technology center. On January 18, the PCC Board of Trustees voted to allocate $1,835,000 of the $5 million to the county’s purchase of the building, with the county covering the remaining $5,165,000. The remainder of PCC’s state budget allocation will be used to cover the costs of upfits and equipment needs for the building.

How much would it cost to construct a new building on the existing campus?

Data from the 2019 feasibility study estimated that the range of constructing a new building that was only 40,000 sq. ft. was between $18 million and $30 million.

New construction would not include modernizing equipment; the delay could be 3 to 4 years. Constructing a new building of similar size (91,000 sq. ft.) on the existing campus would require not only additional funds but also funds for other infrastructure needs such as parking and road frontage.

What were the initial Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) cost estimates?

The initial cost estimate conducted by HH Architecture was between $16.6 million and $19.6 million.

How much will renovations of the Carolina Pride Carwash building cost?

PCC reviewed the estimate provided by HH Architecture and determined a $13 million expenditure over five years will produce a world-class facility.

How long will moving all programs into the new CHATT building take?

The College will take a five-year phased approach to moving all programs to CHATT, with upfits and new equipment purchases taking priority.

How will PCC pay for the additional $13 million expenditure?

The College will partner with the county, industry, its legislative delegation, and grantors to secure funds, but have noted the need for them in our CIP request to make clear the total project scope. ​

What is the Local Government Commission?

The Local Government Commission or LGC, established by G.S. 159-3, provides assistance to local governments and public authorities in North Carolina. It is staffed by the Department of State Treasurer and approves the issuance of debt for all units of local government and assists those units with fiscal management. Source: www.nctreasurer.com

What programs will move to CHATT?

Visit here for a list of programs.

How many square feet is the building?

Square footage: 91,000

Where will the CHATT Building be located?

Off of the US 501 at 225 Crown Boulevard, Timberlake, NC.

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