Short-term Workforce Development Training

HVAC – Electrical – Begins in September

The HVAC-Electrical program focuses on electrical fundamentals to aid in the troubleshooting electrical systems on HVAC/R equipment. Upon the course’s conclusion, students are prepared to sit for the Employment Ready: HVAC Electrical Certification through ESCO Group.

HVAC – Heating – Begins in November

The HVAC-Heating program focuses on basic fundamentals of the HVAC industry, emphasizing material for the Employment Ready: Gas Heat and Employment Ready: Basic Refrigeration and Charging Procedure certifications through ESCO Group.

HVAC – Air Conditioning – Begins in February

Prerequisite: Either HVAC Electrical or Heating

The HVAC-Air Conditioning program focuses on the basic fundamentals of the HVAC industry with a particular focus on the certification exam. You will learn about:
• Common tools and equipment used by HVAC technicians
• Refrigeration
• HVAC electrical
• Residential air conditioning systems
• HVAC system design, sizing and layout
• Generally accepted installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting methods

In addition, you will prepare for the EPA certification exams by studying topics such as, small appliances, high-pressure systems and low-pressure systems. Upon completion, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of refrigerants, be prepared for the EPA certification examinations, and obtain your refrigerant license.