The Plumbing Levels 1-4 course offered by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the plumbing industry. This multi-level course covers fundamental concepts, practical techniques, safety protocols, and advanced procedures essential for success as a professional plumber.

Course Schedule/Program Details

Plumbing Level I

Plumbing Level I is the first installment of NCCER’s four-part plumbing program. A complete curriculum for a fast-growing profession, this popular series trains future plumbers in installing, repairing and maintaining pipe systems.

Level I introduces students to plumbing, including plumbing safety, math and drawings, as well as the tools, materials and systems of the trade. As you go, you’ll also develop critical-thinking, judgment and active-listening skills needed for sound decision-making. Additionally, Level I includes NCCER Core: Introduction to basic Construction Skills.

Course IDStart DateEnd DateTimeLocationCourse Fees
PLU-3024AJune 17thOctober 14thMonday and Wednesday, 8:00am to 3:00pmPerson Campus, Room S130$181.00

Plus Textbook

Plumbing Level II

Level 2 explores the next level of plumbing math, commercial drawings, and tools and systems, as well as a variety of complex installation processes.

Must enter program during level I.

Plumbing Level III

Level 3 builds on skills from the first two levels, focusing on applied math, the water supply system, venting, pumps, service plumbing and more.

Must enter program during level I.

Plumbing Level IIII

This course complements the foundational knowledge acquired in the previous three levels and delves deeper into complex plumbing systems and installations. Furthermore, students will learn the core principles of crew leadership and running a successful plumbing business.

Must enter program during level I.