At Piedmont Community College, we want your experience with us to be rewarding, enriching, positive and always enjoyable and safe. Please take a moment to read these safety tips and keep safety in mind at all times.

  • Be alert and aware of your surrounds, always know where the nearest telephone and fire extinguisher is in case of an emergency.
  • Think about and plan your walking/driving routes; use the College escort service, avoid isolated areas and poorly lighted areas that are not in constant use (such as back parking lots).
  • Keep your car locked while on campus, do not keep important items out in plain sight and park in well-lighted areas, avoid parking in fire lanes, visitor parking or handicap parking.
  • Report unauthorized persons and/or suspicious behavior to a PCC employee immediately.
  • Fire safety; know the location of fire alarms and evacuation routes. Never use an elevator during fire or fire alarms. If stairwell is filled with smoke, try and find an alternate route out of the building.

Safety Tip Poster

The following information and more can be found on the Safety Tip Posters in each classroom.

In the event of an emergency always notify the operator by dialing 0 on a campus phone or call the direct number;

Person County Campus: (336) 599-1181
Caswell County Campus: (336)694-5707

Armed Intruder

  • Call 911 then the operator (0)
  • Direct students & employees into a building
  • Close doors & blinds
  • Turn off the lights
  • Remain under lock down until officially advised


  • Call 911 then the operator (0)
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm
  • Evacuate (directions next to the door)

Severe Weather

  • Seek shelter in rooms without windows
  • Do not retreat to your vehicle
  • Remain inside until officially advised

Disruptive/Threatening Behavior

  • Avoid isolation
  • Calmly locate help
  • Defuse the situation, if possible
  • Excuse yourself & others to escape


  • Call 911 then the operator (0)
  • Tell the operator your location and problem
  • Campus responders will be notified and respond