From Request to Prioritization


Monthly, IT will review project proposals. These proposals are then scored and assessed for feasibility in terms of funds and resources. The ranking will determine the timeframe that the project will be started. 

What is a project?

An IT project is a one-time effort with a predetermined scope and goal that will be completed within a specific time period. Any proposed IT task that exhibits these characteristics and is expected to require more than 10 hours of work or two or more people to do the work is designated a project. If you’re unsure, it’s best to complete a helpdesk ticket first; you’ll be informed whether you need to go through the formal project request process. If you’re looking to acquire a software application on premise or in the cloud, please submit a helpdesk ticket and IT will work with you on the procurement process.

The prioritization process and making a request

The IT project prioritization process is the framework we use for selecting the projects that best support Piedmont Community College and current priorities, as well as provide the greatest value to the campus.

The project request submission process begins with filling out the IT Scoring Rubric Information form located on the IT Project Prioritization page.