1. ABC-CLIO Ebook Collection (NC LIVE)
  2. ABI/INFORM Collection (NC LIVE)
  3. Academic OneFile (Gale)
  4. Academic Video Online (AVON)
  5. Accounting, Tax & Billing Collection (NC LIVE)
  6. Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Database (NC LIVE)
  7. African-American Poetry (NC LIVE)
  8. Agricultural & Environmental Science Database (NC LIVE)
  9. Agriculture (Gale OneFile)
  10. American Poetry (NC LIVE)
  11. Arts & Humanities Database (NC LIVE)

B (back to the top)

  1. Biological Science Database (NC LIVE)
  2. BoardVitals (TDS Health)
  3. Book Review Index (Gale Literature)
  4. Business (Gale OneFile)
  5. Business Insights (Gale)
  6. Business Market Research Collection (NC LIVE)

C (back to the top)

  1. Career & Technical Education Database (NC LIVE)
  2. ChiltonLibrary (Gale)
  3. CINAHL Plus with Full Text (NC LIVE)
  4. College (Gale in Context)
  5. Communications and Mass Media (Gale One File)
  6. Computer Science (Gale OneFile)
  7. Computer Science Database (NC LIVE)
  8. Consumer Health Database (NC LIVE)
  9. Consumer Reports (NC LIVE)
  10. Contemporary Women’s Issues (Gale OneFile)
  11. CQ Researcher (NC LIVE)
  12. Credo Reference (NC LIVE)
  13. Criminal Justice (Gale OneFile)
  14. Criminal Justice Database (NC LIVE)
  15. Culinary Arts (Gale OneFile)

D (back to the top)

  1. Digital Public Library of America (NC LIVE)
  2. Digital Sanborn Maps (1867-1970) for North Carolina (NC LIVE)
  3. DigitalNC (NC LIVE)
  4. Diversity Studies (Gale OneFile)

E (back to the top)

  1. Earth, Atmospheric Aquatic Science Database (NC LIVE)
  2. East & South Asia Database (NC LIVE)
  3. East Europe, Central Europe Database (NC LIVE)
  4. Ebook Central Academic and Public Library Complete (NC LIVE)
  5. eBooks on EBSCOhost (NC LIVE)
  6. Economics and Theory (Gale OneFile)
  7. Education Database (NC LIVE)
  8. Educator’s Reference Complete (Gale OneFile)
  9. eLibrary (NC LIVE)
  10. Engineering Database (NC LIVE)
  11. English Poetry (NC LIVE)
  12. Entrepreneurship (Gale OneFile)
  13. Entrepreneurship Database (NC LIVE)
  14. Environmental Studies (Gale in Context)
  15. Environmental Studies and Policy (Gale OneFile)

F (back to the top)

  1. Faber Poetry Library (NC LIVE)
  2. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center (NC LIVE)
  3. Films on Demand Video Collection (NC LIVE)
  4. Fine Arts (Gale OneFile)

G (back to the top)

  1. Gale Directory Library (Gale)
  2. Gale eBooks (NC LIVE)
  3. Gale Literary Sources (NC LIVE)
  4. Gale Literature (Gale)
  5. Gale Literature Resource Center (NC LIVE)
  6. Gardening and Horticulture (Gale OneFile)
  7. General OneFile (Gale)
  8. Gender Studies (Gale OneFile)
  9. Global Breaking Newswires (NC LIVE)
  10. Global Issues (Gale in Context)
  11. GreenFILe (NC LIVE)

H (back to the top)

  1. Health and Medical (Gale OneFile)
  2. Health & Medical Collection (NC LIVE)
  3. Health and Wellness (Gale)
  4. Healthcare Administration Database (NC LIVE) HeritageQuest (NC LIVE)
  5. Historic North Carolina Digital Newspaper Collection (NC LIVE)
  6. History Study Center (NC LIVE)
  7. Homgrown Ebooks Collection (NC LIVE)
  8. Hospitality and Tourism (Gale OneFile)

I (back to the top)

  1. Infobase eBooks (NC LIVE)
  2. Information Science (Gale OneFile)
  3. Informe Académico (Gale OneFile)
  4. International Newsstream (NC LIVE)

J (back to the top)

  1. JSTOR
  2. Just for Kids Streaming Collection (NC LIVE)

L (back to the top)

  1. Latin America & Iberia Database (NC LIVE)
  2. LawHelpNC (NC LIVE)
  3. LearningExpress Library Complete and PrepSTEP Academic (NC LIVE)
  4. LegalTrac (Gale OneFile)
  5. Library Science Database (NC LIVE)
  6. Linguistics Database (NC LIVE)
  7. LitFinder (Gale Literature)

M (back to the top)

  1. MasterFILE Premier (NC LIVE)
  2. Materials Science Database (NC LIVE)
  3. Military and Intelligence (Gale OneFile)
  4. Military Database (NC LIVE)
  5. Morningstar Investment Research Center (NC LIVE)

N (back to the top)

  1. New York Times (NC LIVE)
  2. News (Gale OneFile)
  3. North American Women’s Letters and Diaries (NC LIVE)
  4. NoveList Plus (NC LIVE)
  5. Nursing & Allied Health Database (NC LIVE)
  6. Nursing and Allied Health (Gale OneFile)

O (back to the top)

  1. Occupational Outlook Handbook (NC LIVE)
  2. Open Education North Carolina Collection (NC LIVE)
  3. Open Library (NC LIVE)
  4. Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context)
  5. Our State Magazine Collection (NC LIVE)

P (back to the top)

  1. Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (Gale OneFile)
  2. Political Science Database (NC LIVE)
  3. Pop Culture Studies (Gale OneFile)
  4. Primal Pictures (Anatomy.tv)
  5. ProQuest Central (NC LIVE)
  6. ProQuest Learning: Literature (NC LIVE)
  7. ProQuest Research Companion (NC LIVE)
  8. ProQuest Research Library (NC LIVE)
  9. Psychology (Gale OneFile)
  10. Psychology Database (NC LIVE)
  11. Public Health Database (NC LIVE)

R (back to the top)

  1. Religion and Philosophy (Gale OneFile)
  2. Religion Database (NC LIVE)
  3. Research Companion (NC LIVE)

S (back to the top)

  1. Science (Gale in Context)
  2. Science Database (NC LIVE)
  3. SIRS Discoverer (NC LIVE)
  4. SIRS Issues Researcher (NC LIVE)
  5. Social Science Database (NC LIVE)
  6. Sociology Database (NC LIVE)
  7. STAT!Ref (TDS Health)
  8. State Data Cente (NC LIVE)
  9. Statistical Abstract of the United States (NC LIVE)

T (back to the top)

  1. Telecommunications Database (NC LIVE)
  2. Transparent Language Online (NC LIVE)
  3. Twentieth-Century African-American Poetry (NC LIVE)
  4. Twentieth-Century American Poetry (NC LIVE)
  5. Twentieth-Century English Poetry (NC LIVE)

U (back to the top)

  1. U.S. History (Gale in Context)
  2. U.S. History (Gale OneFile)
  3. US Newsstream (NC LIVE)

V (back to the top)

  1. Vocations and Careers (Gale OneFile)

W (back to the top)

  1. Wall Street Journal (NC LIVE)
  2. War and Terrorism (Gale OneFile)
  3. Washington Post (NC LIVE)
  4. World History (Gale in Context)
  5. World History (Gale OneFile)
  6. World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean (Gale Primary Sources)


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